Canadian Northern Lights Experience

Experience Northern Lights in Canada


Northern Manitoba offers incredible Northern Lights as our lodge is located directly in the Aurora Zone. This Zone is known as the best location to experience the Aurora dancing across the sky. Beginning early August, as darkness appears longer in the Canadian sky, the Northern Lights become increasingly more visible. Enjoy experiencing the Northern Lights in mild temperatures while wearing a light coat.

What Makes the Colors in an Aurora Borealis?

The Northern Lights can display a range of colors from pink, green, yellow, yellow green, blue, violet and sometimes white and orange. These colors are caused by the interaction of solar particles with oxygen, nitrogen and other molecules in the atmosphere of the earth’s magnetic, polar regions.

Most of the time when particles collide with oxygen, they produce yellow and green light. When these particles interact with nitrogen, they will produce reds, violets and sometimes blues. What type of interaction with the solar particle can affect the color? Atomic nitrogen (N2) interactions will have a bluish result while a molecular nitrogen (i.e., more complex molecules that contain nitrogen) will have more of a violet-purple result.

The altitude at which the interactions occur can also affect the colors. Over 150 miles (241 km) above the earth, red are displayed while below 150 miles (241 km) the greens form in the aurora. Purple and violet occur at altitudes above 60 miles (96.5 km) while blues occur below 60 miles (96.5 km) above the earth.


  • See the most beautiful Northern Lights in one of the best locations to experience them
  • Wonderful Activities included such as Exploring Amazing Sand Eskers
  • Hike the Esker Archeology Archelogy Tour and see artifacts dating back over 2000 years
  • The photographic opportunities in this region offer simply stunning opportunities


August – October


4-day trip – $5779 USD
5-day trip – $6695 USD
8-day trip – $7995 USD


Services and equipment are included.


Luxury accommodation


Why Travel with Gage Outdoors

  • Northern Lights viewing (Aug. 3 – Oct. 3)
  • Access to Nunavut and Baralzon Ecological Preserve (optimum Northern Lights viewing)
  • Experience unique walking and boating tours through the tundra and eskers
  • Guided Nature/history/cultural/botany tours
  • Guided wildlife viewing tours with wolf, wolverine, and ptarmigan
  • Guided photographic and birding tours
  • Guided days for Caribou viewing when migration is in the area
  • Professionally guided fishing including a Classic Canadian shore lunch
  • Limit 8 guests per session
  • Northern Lights Tundra Safari may also include a 1-day floatplane fly-out for caribou viewing if required. Limited to a 60 mi (100 km) radius from camp.
  • Airfare to Winnipeg, Canada
  • Staff and Guide Gratuity
  • Additional floatplane fly-out to a remote lake for fishing and/or exploration – $500 per person
  • Day floatplane fly-out to kayak, canoe, or raft the North Seal River – $600 per person


Your trip to our Northern Canada Lodge in Manitoba is about adventure, discovery and luxury. From the moment you step off the plane and onto our private runway, you’ll sense our difference. Warm and personalized, with a cozy small lodge facility and a heated cabin per every 2 to 4 guests. Great meals, free Wi-Fi, and the Northern Lights under the stars and around the bonfire. Modern accommodations with a central facility.

This means that besides enjoying the quintessential Canadian lodge, deluxe cabins and dining on delectable creations from our chef, you will enjoy personalized attention to every detail of your trip. Whether you’re looking to wrestle a trophy pike or fly out for an overnight kayak adventure and view the magnificent Northern Lights, this is the perfect destination.

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