Grand Canyon 2025 Trip - Beatrice Bradley

Sedona flagstaff & the Grand Canyon

Experience the Grand sights and charming villages of The Grand Canyon with friends

Sedona, Flagstaff & The Grand Canyon experience 
March 8-14, 2025 and November 8-14, 2025
7 days / 6 nights

Grand Canyon

Sedona Flagstaff & The Grand Canyon Multi-Adventure Experience 

Every Beatrice Bradley trip is crafted to maximize the experiences had during the trip.
The itineraries are specially made to allow time for engaging in conversation, and having belly laughs with a new friend. We hope that the activities and experiences may allow you to come out of your comfort zone, and to try new or unique things.
These trips are made to replicate a ‘friends get-away trip’. 

Itinerary Subject to Change 


Single Occupancy – $5650        Double Occupancy – $4850 

Dates: March 8-14 and Nov 8-14, 2025 7 Days / 6 Nights

Location Sedona Flagstaff and The Grand Canyon

Airport: Phoenix, AZ (PHX)

Accommodations:  Arabella Hotel in Sedona, Grand Canyon Park Lodging, and the last night in Flagstaff.

ACTIVITY LEVELS:  At the time of booking you will be asked to pick your activity level as posted below.


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Connie and Kelly 

Mercy and Connie

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Overall Trip Highlights

  • Top Notch Accommodations
  • Scenic drive from Phoenix to Sedona, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and little bit of shopping
  • Private ATV ride through the magnificent canyons of Sedona, filled with adventure for all skill levels, allows us to immerse ourselves in the natural wonders of the area.
  • Embark on a guided hike to the famous Cathedral Rock. This iconic landmark showcases Sedona’s unique natural beauty, with towering red rock formations and awe-inspiring vistas.
  • Float above and in the canyon in a hot air balloon, taking in breathtaking views from above.
  • Venture on a beautiful hike across Devils Bridge, experiencing the stunning landscape up close.
  • Embark on a mule pack tour around the rim of the Grand Canyon, enjoying the scenic views.
  • Explore charming cities and villages in and around the canyon.


Day One Night One: Arrival Day: Phoenix to Sedona with New Friends!

When you arrive in Phoenix, our friendly hostesses will greet you with warm smiles, ready to embark on an unforgettable journey. The scenic drive from Phoenix to Sedona is filled with stunning landscapes, rugged mountains and vibrant colors. After a quick lunch and introductions, you check into the luxurious Arabella hotel. As the day winds down, you’ll gather for a delicious dinner at a local gem, sharing introductions and laughter, setting the tone for an incredible adventure ahead.


  • Airport pickup from Phoenix (PHX) Airport by our friendly hostesses
  • Scenic drive from Phoenix to Sedona, enjoying the beautiful landscapes
  • Quick meal and exploring stop along the way to Sedona 
  • Check into Arabella hotel in Sedona and fresh up and relax a bit.
  • Itinerary walk-through to familiarize everyone with the upcoming activities
  • Dinner at a unique and local restaurant in Sedona
  • Short walk after dinner to stretch your legs and early bed time to get a good nights sleep


Alaska trip 2023
Alaska trip 2023
Alaska trip 2023

Day Two Night Two: Thrills and Natural Wonders: ATV’s and Cathedral Rock 

The day begins with a breathtaking sunrise over Sedona as you savor a freshly prepared breakfast. The revving of engines signals the start of your thrilling ATV ride through the canyon, an exhilarating adventure, made for all skill levels, that leaves you craving for more. After fueling up with a delicious locally sourced lunch, you lace up your hiking boots and embark on a guided hike to Cathedral Rock, immersing in the natural wonders of Sedona. As the day draws to a close, you gather for a memorable dinner at Elote, savoring the flavors of the Southwest and sharing unforgettable moments.


  • Wake up to a delicious breakfast and coffee with a view at the hotel
  • ATV ride through the magnificent canyons of Sedona, filled with adventure and awe inspiring beauty for all skill levels
  • Enjoy a tasty lunch at the Hilltop Deli, featuring locally sourced ingredients
  • Embark on a guided hike to the famous Cathedral Rock. This iconic landmark showcases Sedona’s unique natural beauty, with towering red rock formations and awe-inspiring vistas.
  • Indulge in a chef-crafted dinner at Elote, savoring Southwest American cuisine
  • Early to bed to get a good night sleep for sun rise hot air balloon experince. 


Alaska trip 2023
Alaska trip 2023
Alaska trip 2023

Day Three Night Three: Sun Rise Hot Air Balloon  and Devils Bridge hike!! 

As the sun rises over Sedona we will enjoy breakfast and talk about our extraordinary day ahead. Today we will see the Red Rock country in Sedona from the sky and up close. We will take a balloon over the canyons, offering panoramic views of the majestic red rocks and sweeping vistas. After we see the canyon from the sky, we will embark on a mesmerizing hike across Devil’s Bridge. 

Later we will stroll through the charming village, lined with quaint shops, art galleries, and unique souvenirs. We will venture to The Grand Canyon rim. We’ll see panoramic vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see. The sheer magnitude and beauty of the canyon will leave you in awe. Whether you choose to admire the sweeping views or find a serene spot to sit and reflect, this experience promises to be a moment of tranquility and connection with nature.


  • Watch the sunrise during the ascend in a hot air balloon over the Red Rocks
  • Venture on a beautiful hike across Devils Bridge, experiencing the stunning landscape up close.
  • Move from Sedona to the Lodging in the Grand Canyon
  •  Eat a locally sourced dinner in Grand Canyon, enjoying local flavors 
  • Charming village in South Rim, lined with quaint shops, art galleries, and unique souvenirs
  • Explore the Grand Canyon Village and Rim.


Alaska trip 2023
Alaska trip 2023
Grand canyon

Day Four Night Four: Explore the Canyon on pack mules!  

Today promises a one-of-a-kind adventure! We will mount canyon mules and set off on an unforgettable journey along the rim of the Grand Canyon. Descending into the canyon, you embark on a short hike through South Kaibab, revealing new scenes with every turn. As the day winds down, you explore downtown South Kaibab, where we will do some local shopping and enjoying a delicious dinner as we unwind and share pictures from our days adventures.


  • Embark on a mule pack tour around the rim of the Grand Canyon, enjoying the scenic views
  • Engage in a scenic hike in South Kaibab, immersing yourself in nature’s beauty
  • Take time to explore and shop in downtown South Kaibab, discovering unique treasures


Grand canyon
Alaska trip 2023
Alaska trip 2023

Day Five Night Five: Nostalgia and Natural Beauty,  Helicopter Tour of  The South Rim  


  • Morning departure to the Helicopter Tour of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon
  • Afternoon hike at Bright Angel on a well-maintained trail offering plenty of time for breaks and picture taking.
  • Post-hike cocktails and appetizers with a breathtaking view of the Canyon
  • Delicious group dinner in Grand Canyon to share stories, laughter, and camaraderie.


Alaska trip 2023
Alaska trip 2023
Grand canyon

Day Six Night Six: Breath taking hikes and a road trip adventure! 

As the sun rises, you embark on a final adventure, hiking at Grandview Point. Later we will depart Grand Canyon Park Lodging and head to last night destination in Flagstaff. On the way to the vibrant city of Flagstaff, we will  make a quick stop for a delightful lunch in the beautiful town of Williams. Exploring downtown Flagstaff, you immerse yourself in the unique shops and lively atmosphere, cherishing the final moments of this incredible journey. The day concludes with a heartfelt goodbye dinner, where laughter, stories, and newfound friendships fill the air, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Begin your day with a scenic hike at Grandview Point, a breathtaking vantage point that offers panoramic views of the Grand Canyon.
  • Depart Grand Canyon Lodging and head to Flagstaff
  • Quick and fun lunch stop in the beautiful Williams
  • Explore and shop around downtown Flagstaff
  • Final goodbye dinner with new friends


Alaska trip 2023
Alaska trip 2023

Day Seven:  Departure Day heading back to Phoenix from Flagstaff Schedule your flight anytime after 230pm.      



Experience All-Inclusive Travel with Beatrice Bradley

At Beatrice Bradley, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, all-inclusive travel experiences with absolutely no hidden fees. From the moment you step off the plane to the moment we bid you farewell, every detail is taken care of. Our goal is to provide a completely hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying your journey and creating lasting friendships.

Here’s What Our All-Inclusive Experience Includes:
  • Airport Group Transfers: Seamless airport pickups and drop-offs by our friendly hosts, ensuring a smooth start and end to your adventure.
  • Dedicated BB Hostess: Travel with peace of mind knowing a dedicated Beatrice Bradley hostess will be with you throughout the trip, ensuring every aspect of your journey is unforgettable.
  • Full Dining: Enjoy all meals carefully selected to reflect the local cuisine, inclusive of all tips. Whether it’s a quick breakfast or a sumptuous dinner, we’ve got it all covered.
  • Unique Accommodations: Stay in boutique hotels or unique properties that are handpicked for their charm and comfort, providing an authentic and intimate experience.
  • Curated Activities: We find the BEST of the best tours. Making the absolute most out of our time.
  • Included Gratuities: Tips for tour guides and transportation are all taken care of. We ensure that those who make your trip special are rewarded, without you needing to worry about the details.
  • Transportation: All transportation during the experience.
  • You won’t see “Free Days” on our itineraries: Our trips are made for a balanced experience. We carve out time to bond, laugh, shop and explore but we will never just send you out on your own and say “good luck” we do everything together or smaller group breakouts.

With Beatrice Bradley, every detail is meticulously planned to ensure you have a memorable and carefree travel experience. Join us and discover the joy of true hassle-free travel!

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Step 5 Full amount needs to be paid by 60 days prior to the trip. *If there is a remaining balance at 60 days prior to the trip then an automatic payment for the remaining amount will be charged.

Activity Level *you will be asked at THE time of booking your activity Level

Activity Level 1 Enjoying moderate activity and still having plenty of time to relax each day. Longer walks or hikes on some uneven terrain, if it gets hilly, plenty of time to pause to enjoy the scenery. Activity time 3-5 hours per day. (average active time per tour 1.5 to 2 hours)

Activity Level 2 Lively walks and hikes w/ rolling terrain including up and down hills. Plenty of rest stops are included to pause and catch your breath and enjoy the scenery. Activity time 4-6 hours per day (average active time per tour 2-3 hours)


Role of a Beatrice bradley hostess

Beatrice Bradley is an Experience Company not a Tour Company.  The role of a Beatrice Bradley Host is to be warm and welcoming. To relate and connect. To have attention to details. And to manage the behind-the-scenes magic so your experience is one-of-a-kind. They are not local experts nor are they tour guides. We hire local experts, guides, and historians as each location warrants. They are expert hosts and manage the camaraderie and logistics of the experience. Our goal is that your hostess will make you feel welcomed, comfortable, and that you will walk away with new & lasting friendships made during an unforgettable experience.

Flight Details

Airport Pick Up is included when arriving at the designated airport within the specified pick up window.

Arrival Airport: Phoenix International Airport (PHX)
Arrival Date: March 8th, 2025 and November 8, 2025
Pick Up Times: Please Arrive no later 1:00 PM

Arrival Airport: Phoenix International Airport (PHX)
Arrival Date: March 14th, 2025 and November 14, 2025
Pick-Up Times: Departure flights after 2:30 PM

Important information

As a solo-traveler, we need you to provide self-awareness and an understanding that you are fully responsible for yourself. This includes your possessions, your physical abilities or fitness, your attitude, and all other aspects that relate to traveling solo in a group. 

  • Connect with our Members on our Private Facebook Group – Beatrice Bradley Member’s Only
  • You must be able to manage your luggage and all of your personal belongings on this trip
  • This is not a handicap accessible trip – you must be able to get in and out of a Large Passenger Transit Vehicle
  • All Ground transportation is included on this trip
  • Group Airport transfers are included in this trip.
  • This trip will have a maximum of 12 women on this trip.
  • This trip will have 2 Beatrice Bradley Hosts.
  • If you need a roommate, we will happily pair you with another Beatrice Bradley traveler
  • Travel insurance is not included. Beatrice Bradley is not a licensed travel insurance operator nor is our staff trained in travel insurance. You can choose to purchase travel insurance through any licensed provider you choose. We will ask you upon booking if you would like us to send you some suggested licensed insurance companies.