Amazon Peru 2025 Trip - Beatrice Bradley

Machu Picchu and the Mighty Amazon: Icons of Peru

Unveil the Mysteries of the Inca and the Untamed Amazon on a Luxury Cruise

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Dates: June 8-18, 2025

Location: Round Trip Lima, Peru

Airport: Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM)

Accommodations: Premium Accommodations, Hotels + River Cruise 

Group Size: 12-16 Guests

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Overall Trip Highlights

  • Explore the Inca ruins: Admire ancient stonework in the Sacred Valley.
  • Visit Machu Picchu: Stand in awe of the majestic Incan city perched high in the Andes.
  • Travel by 360° Machu Picchu Train: Enjoy panoramic views of the lush Urubamba Valley.
  • Cruise the Amazon on the Delfin III: Luxuriate in one of the world’s most elegant river vessels.
  • Sunrise over the Amazon: Experience the jungle awakening at dawn.
  • Wildlife Spotting in Pacaya Samiria National Reserve: Search for exotic birds and pink dolphins.
  • Learn local culinary arts: Participate in a cooking class focused on Amazonian ingredients.
  • Interact with the Amazon community of San Francisco: Understand their centuries-old way of life.

June 8-18, 2025
11 days / 10 nights

Including a 4 day / 3 Night stay on the Delfin III 5-Star Luxury Yacht + 5-Star Cultural Hotels

Explore the Richness of Peru: From Ancient Marvels to Amazon Mysteries

Maximum enjoyment of this vacation requires walking on cobblestone streets, uneven pathways, and climbing stairs. The maximum elevation on this tour is 11,200 ft.

Day 1: Welcome to Lima!

Fly into Jorge Chávez International Airport at your leisure. Our Beatrice Bradley Hostesses will be at the airport to welcome you! Today we focus on arriving and settling in for our big adventure.

Airport transfer is always included on your BB experiences.

    What we're doing today

    Welcome dinner and drinks together! 

    Overnight at: Hilton Lima Miraflores, Lima (2 Nights)


    Day Two: Discovering Lima – Peruvian Treasures, Presidential Palaces, and Pizarro’s Conquests

    Take a Guided Walking Tour of Lima to see the colonial Old Quarter, Plaza de Armas, the presidential Government Palace, and the Lima Cathedral. Visit San Francisco Monastery to see the famous catacombs followed by the Larco Herrera Museum—with the world’s largest private collection of pre-Columbian Peruvian art.

    Later, enjoy a Culinary Experience with an authentic Peruvian welcome dinner in the exquisite, historic mansion—Casa Garcia Alvarado

      Overnight at: Hilton Lima Miraflores, Lima

      What we're doing today

      • Guided Walking Tour of Lima: Explore the colonial charm of the Old Quarter, including the bustling Plaza de Armas, the impressive presidential Government Palace, and the historic Lima Cathedral.
      • Visit San Francisco Monastery: Discover the famous catacombs, a fascinating underground historical site.
      • Larco Herrera Museum: Experience the world’s largest private collection of pre-Columbian Peruvian art, offering a deep dive into Peru’s ancient cultures.
      • Culinary Experience: Enjoy an authentic Peruvian welcome dinner at Casa Garcia Alvarado, an exquisite and historic mansion, showcasing Peru’s rich culinary traditions.

      Day Three: Sacred Valley : Alpacas, Llamas, and Ancient Rituals of the Andes (Domestic Flight)

      Today, we take a group flight to Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, where history whispers from every stone. We delve into the Sacred Valley, marveling at the architectural prowess at the Temple of Sacsayhuaman, wandering the military remnants of Puca Pucara, and feeling the spiritual presence at the ceremonial site of Kenko. Our exploration culminates with a hands-on encounter with Andean camelids at Awanakancha, a stroll through Pisac’s vibrant market, and a fusion dinner of Andean and Western dishes, perfectly paired with fine wine

      Overnight: Hotel Aranwa Sacred Valley (1 nights)

      The riverside lands of an 18-century colonial hacienda have been restored into an exclusive hotel, comprising rural elegance within the hacienda and minimalist design in modern deluxe rooms. Complete with two restaurants, a 2,500 sq meter spa & wellness center with three hydrotherapy pools, art gallery, on-site museum, orchid pyramid and movie room, this hotel offers superior service and comfort, both inside your room and out of it – the perfect way to spend your time in this mystical part of the world.

      What we're doing today

      • Fly to Cusco: Travel to the ancient Andean city, the historic capital of the Inca Empire.
      • Guided Excursion to Sacred Valley:
        • Temple of Sacsayhuaman: Admire the incredible Inca stonework of this 15th-century fortress, known for its significant role in the battle between the Incas and the Spanish in 1536.
        • Puca Pucara: Explore the remnants of the Inca military post.
        • Kenko: Visit this ceremonial site where ancient rituals and sacrifices were conducted by the Incas.
      • Discovery Excursion:
        • Awanakancha Tour: Engage with llamas, alpacas, vicuñas, and guanacos; learn about their importance in Peruvian culture.
        • Pisac Village Visit: Stroll through the old mountain village, renowned for its large Indian market where you can shop for local handicrafts like alpaca sweaters, woven blankets, and handmade jewelry.
      • Andean Culinary Experience:
        • Enjoy a dinner that blends Andean specialties and Western cuisine, accompanied by wine.

      Day Four: Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu

      Today’s adventure begins in Ollantaytambo, where we traverse the ancient Inca fortress, absorbing the grandeur of massive stones and sophisticated designs of the Sun Temple and Princess Baths. The day continues as we journey through the breathtaking Urubamba Valley aboard the 360° Machu Picchu Train, culminating in a guided exploration of Machu Picchu, the awe-inspiring “Lost City of the Incas.” As night falls, we savor a gourmet Peruvian dinner at our cozy accommodations nestled at the base of this mystical mountain, ready to dream of ancient civilizations under starlit skies.

      Overnight: Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel

      The Sumaq Hotel is located at the foot of the Machu Picchu ruins and boasts an Andean health spa, bar, restaurant, gift shop

      What we're doing today

      • Ollantaytambo Village Tour:

          • Inca Fortress Ruins: Visit the impressive ruins, noting the massive stones and sophisticated architectural design, including the Sun Temple and Princess Baths fountain.

        Discovery in Ollantaytambo:

          • Incan Home Visit: Experience the enduring lifestyle of a native Incan family, preserved since the 13th century.

        Machu Picchu Excursions:

          • 360° Machu Picchu Train Ride: Embark on a guided journey aboard a train with panoramic views of the Urubamba Valley, featuring large windows and an outdoor observation carriage. Travel to Aguas Calientes before ascending to Machu Picchu.
          • Guided Walk of Machu Picchu: Explore the iconic “Lost City of the Incas” perched high in the Andes, discovering the lives, mysteries, and remarkable constructions of this ancient citadel.

        Discovery at Machu Picchu:

          • Overnight Stay with Dinner: Enjoy a gourmet Peruvian dinner during your overnight stay at the base of the mountain that cradles Machu Picchu.

      Day Five: Sunrise over Machu Picchu & Cusco (Train Transfer)

      Take a second included Guided Excursion to Machu Picchu. Set out early to see the sunrise over the ruins, explore the terraces or perhaps venture up to see the Sun Gate, once used as the ancient entrance to the Sanctuary.

      After lunch, return to the Sacred Valley by train and then continue on to Cusco.

      Overnight: Palacio Del Inka, A Luxury Collection Hotel (2 Nights)

      The Palacio del Inka is located opposite the Temple of the Sun. Enjoy excellent local and international cuisine in the Inti Raymi restaurant while watching spectacular Andean dances.

      Day Six: Cusco – Conquistadors, Churches, and the Colorful Culture of Peru

      Our day begins with a guided walking tour of Cusco, where we unravel the layers of Inca and Spanish history, marvel at the engineering marvels of the Santo Domingo Monastery (Koricancha), and absorb the spiritual ambiance of the Cusco Cathedral in the bustling Plaza de Armas. The afternoon offers a personal discovery of Cusco’s vibrant streets and colorful culture, providing a perfect prelude to the evening. As dusk settles, we indulge in an elegant dinner, a culinary celebration of Peru’s diverse flavors, enhanced by a selection of fine wines, encapsulating the essence of this historic city.

      Overnight: Palacio Del Inka, A Luxury Collection Hotel

      What we're doing today

      Guided Walking Tour:

        • Inca and Spanish History: Learn about the Inca culture and the Spanish conquest that dramatically altered their way of life.
        • Santo Domingo Monastery (Koricancha): Explore the site originally known as the Temple of the Sun, showcasing Inca’s advanced engineering and masonry.
        • Cusco Cathedral Visit: Tour the iconic cathedral located in the Plaza de Armas, a focal point of colonial and religious history.

      Free Time in Cusco:

        • Explore Local Culture: Enjoy an afternoon to immerse yourself in the vibrant streets, shops, and cultural offerings of Cusco.

      Discovery Dining Experience:

        • Elegant Dinner with Wine: Savor an evening meal that reflects the rich, diverse culinary heritage of Peru, accompanied by fine wine.

      Day Seven: Embarkation Day on the Delfin III – 5 star luxury Yacht on the Peruvian Amazon (Domestic Flight)

      Our expedition to the Amazon begins with a scenic flight from Lima to Iquitos, where we embark on the luxurious Delfin III in Nauta, greeted by the comfort of our spacious suites and the expertise of our Naturalist and Cruise Director. At the welcome reception, we dive deep into the heart of the Amazon, learning about its diverse wildlife, vital communities, and the confluence of the Ucayali and Marañon Rivers which marks the genesis of this mighty river. The day concludes with a gourmet dinner aboard the Delfin III, where each dish celebrates the vibrant flavors of the Amazon, crafted from the freshest local ingredients.


      Overnight: Delfin III luxury yacht (3 nights) 5-star

      What we're doing today

      Travel to the Amazon:

      • Flight to Iquitos: Begin your journey into the heart of the Amazon, starting with a flight from Lima to Iquitos.
      • Embark on the Delfin III: Board the luxurious vessel in Nauta, settle into your spacious suite, and meet your onboard Naturalist and Cruise Director

      Welcome Reception on Delfin III:

      • Introduction to the Amazon: Attend a reception where your Naturalist Guide will provide insights into the Amazon’s wildlife, native communities, and lush vegetation.
      • Overview of River Confluence: Learn about the significant meeting point of the Ucayali and Marañon Rivers, the birthplace of the mighty Peruvian Amazon.

      Gourmet Dining Experience:

      • Peruvian Dinner on Board: Enjoy a memorable dinner prepared with the freshest local ingredients, showcasing the flavors of the Amazon region.

      Day Eight: Spider Monkeys, Pink Dolphins, and Peru’s Favorite Cocktail

      The day begins with the enchanting hues of dawn breaking over the Amazon, where the serenity of the morning light and the symphony of the jungle set a magical stage. After a nourishing breakfast, we navigate the lush waterways on a panga boat, encountering diverse wildlife such as monkeys, iguanas, and the elusive pink dolphins, while also marveling at the unique flora like the giant Amazonian water lily. Our journey continues into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve for a vivid birdwatching experience, followed by a refreshing swim with pink dolphins. The day wraps up with cultural enrichment through a cooking class focusing on Amazonian cuisine and a mixology session where we craft the iconic Pisco Sour, immersing ourselves fully in the vibrant local traditions.

      What we're doing today

      Sunrise Amazon Experience:

      Early Morning Views: Start the day with a breathtaking sunrise over the Amazon, capturing the serene beauty and awakening sounds of the jungle.

      Wildlife Panga Ride:

        • Guided Amazon Tributary Tour: After breakfast, embark on a panga boat ride to explore the diverse wildlife of the Amazon. Spot various species including capuchin, howler, tamarin, and spider monkeys, as well as iguanas, sloths, and freshwater pink dolphins.
        • Bird and Plant Observations: Keep an eye out for an array of birdlife and the giant Amazonian water lily.

      Pacaya Samiria National Reserve Excursion:

        • Exotic Bird Watching: Journey into the reserve to witness the vibrant activity of birds such as trogons, macaws, parrots, falcons, and jacamars in their natural habitat.

      Amazon Swimming Adventure:

        • Swim with Pink Dolphins: Enjoy a unique swimming experience in the Amazon waters, with a chance to see the enchanting pink dolphins up close.

      Culinary and Mixology Sessions:

        • Onboard Cooking Class: Learn to prepare traditional recipes using local fruits, vegetables, and fish.
        • Pisco Sour Mixology Lesson: Conclude the day with a lesson on crafting Peru’s iconic cocktail, the Pisco Sour.

      Day Nine: Exotic Birds, Night Creatures, and Natural Remedies

      Our adventure begins with a morning nature walk, guided by a naturalist who introduces us to the exotic flora of the Amazon, from towering epiphytes to delicate orchids nestled under the dense canopy. As we absorb the lush surroundings, an onboard presentation enriches our understanding of the indigenous plants used for centuries in Amazonian culture for their medicinal properties. The afternoon brings us closer to the local way of life during a visit to the San Francisco community, where we connect with villagers and learn about their traditions. As dusk falls, the Amazon reveals its nocturnal secrets on a safari excursion, where we spot wildlife like caiman and boa constrictors, and even try our hand at piranha fishing. The day culminates in a vibrant celebration with the Delfin III crew, who share their culture through music and dance, immersing us fully in the spirited nightlife of the Amazon.

      What we're doing today

      Morning Nature Walk:

        • Naturalist-Guided Exploration: Delve into the jungle to discover tropical flora such as epiphytes, orchids, and other native vegetation under the rainforest canopy.

      Nature Presentation:

        • Indigenous Plant Knowledge: Learn about the traditional uses of indigenous and medicinal plants, fruits, and vegetation integral to Amazonian culture through an informative onboard presentation.

      Visit to San Francisco Community:

        • Local Village Interaction: Meet the inhabitants of the Amazon community of San Francisco and gain insight into their enduring traditions and lifestyle.

      Night Safari Excursion:

        • Nocturnal Wildlife Spotting: Experience the Amazon after dark, observing creatures like caiman, frogs, bats, and boa constrictors. Try your hand at piranha fishing for an adventurous twist.

      Live Entertainment:

        • Celebratory Performance: End the day with live music and dance performed by the Delfin III crew, celebrating the rich culture of the Amazon.

      Day Ten: A Manatee Introduction and an Amazon Farewell (Domestic Flight)

      This morning, disembark and bid your ship’s crew farewell. On the way to Iquitos, join an Escorted Visit to the Manatee Rescue Center to learn about these endangered Amazon species and the conservation efforts to save these gentle giants before flying to Lima.

      Breakfast included aboard ship


      Day Eleven: Until Next time, Peru

      Your experience ends after breakfast

      Flights out of Jorge Chávez International Airport– First transfer starting at 6:00 AM 


      Flight Details

      Airport Pick Up is included when arriving at the designated airport within the specified pick up window.

      Arrival Airport: Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM)
      Arrival Date: June 8, 2025
      Pick Up Times: Before 3:00 PM

      Departure Airport: Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM)
      Departure Date:  June 18, 2025
      Drop off Times: Last Drop off 3:30 PM

      The Delfin III (4 days/3 nights through peruvian amazon)


      The Delfin III is one of the newest luxury vessels cruising Peru’s Amazon. On board this 22 all-suite ship, the rainforest is never far away, yet 5-star comforts and conveniences abound on board. Explore one of the wildest and bio-diverse places on earth while enjoying luxury aboard this intimate yet spacious vessel. Spend time relaxing on the open-air sun deck, take a dip in the refreshing plunge pool, or take a cooking class in the indoor lounge. Taste a Pisco sour at the ship’s bar or pamper yourself with a spa treatment of Amazon elixirs. It truly is luxury at its finest. Experience famed Peruvian cuisine as well as conventional favorites prepared by an expert culinary staff using locally sourced ingredients. Indulge in exceptional menus featuring roasted meats, grilled fish, savory vegetables, sun-ripened tropical fruits, decadent desserts, and free-flowing wine during dinner. The Delfin III’s expert Naturalists guide you to explore the small Amazon tributaries, flooded forests, and jungle villages along the river, and introduce you to the locals who call the Amazon home. Enjoy cultural performances on board, as well as Naturalist presentations about the diverse ecosystem. 

        Cruising the Amazon in Delfin III has been a must-once-in-a-lifetime experience, and breathtaking too!! Not only is the boat beautiful and comfortable, but the food is outstanding and the guides know the environment very well. The cabins are very comfortable, almost like being at home. The experience of walking in the middle of the jungle and coming across animals in their habitat (a boa, sloths, eagles, etc) is very interesting and really make you feel privileged. We did jungle and river excursions, kayaking bird watching and ate delicious gourmet food. I would definitely recommend this experience and would love to go back.


        • 2 Night – Hilton Lima Miraflores, Lima
        • 1 Night – Hotel Aranwa Sacred Valley (Premium 5-Star Hotel)
        • 1 Night – Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel (Premium 5-Star Hotel)
        • 2 Nights – Palacio del Inka, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Cusco (Premium 5-Star Hotel)
        • 3 Nights – Cruise in a riverview stateroom on the luxurious Delfin III (Luxury 5-star)
        • 1 night in Lima at the Wyndham Costa del Sol Lima Airport hotel at the Lima International Airport (or similar)


        • Please note that certain dietary restrictions might be difficult to accommodate on this experience
        • Local cuisine and experiences
        • Lounge & Bar with premium spirits, cozy seating, panoramic windows
        • Free flow house wine with dinner
        • Seasonal cuisine featuring the freshest local ingredients
        • Complimentary coffee, tea, mineral water, select soft drinks, local beer, and Pisco-based cocktails throughout
        • Innovative menu of traditional Peruvian specialties as well as Western favorites
        • Expertly trained culinary team providing breakfast and seated multiple-course lunch and dinner


        • 9 days of excursions, all fully hosted by English-speaking local experts and naturalist guides
        • 1 country: Peru
        • Services of an experienced Uniworld Cruise Manager
        • Group Transfers are included on arrival and departure days (please see terms and conditions for transfer guidelines)
        • Domestic Flights included between Lima and Iquitos
        • Gratuities for onboard and onshore personnel (ship staff, crew, Cruise/Tour Manager, local experts, drivers) are included both during the cruise/tour as well as on any pre- or post-cruise land extensions


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        Here’s What Our All-Inclusive Experience Includes:
        • Airport Group Transfers: Seamless airport pickups and drop-offs by our friendly hosts, ensuring a smooth start and end to your adventure.
        • Dedicated BB Hostess: Travel with peace of mind knowing a dedicated Beatrice Bradley hostess will be with you throughout the trip, ensuring every aspect of your journey is unforgettable.
        • Full Dining: Enjoy all meals carefully selected to reflect the local cuisine, inclusive of all tips. Whether it’s a quick breakfast or a sumptuous dinner, we’ve got it all covered.
        • Unique Accommodations: Stay in boutique hotels or unique properties that are handpicked for their charm and comfort, providing an authentic and intimate experience.
        • Curated Activities: We find the BEST of the best tours. Making the absolute most out of our time.
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        River View Double Occupancy – $9,883.00
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        Shared Room (Separate Beds) and Bathroom, Floor to Ceiling river view window, Twin beds.

        River View Single Occupancy – $12,743.00
        Sold Out

        Large Private Room and Bathroom, Floor to Ceiling river view window, King/Queen bed.

        2 moderate

        There will be walking tours on cobblestone streets.

        This is a pretty active trip with some early mornings. 

        It is your responsibly to fully read and understand the physical abilities that correlate to this Beatrice Bradley Experience. Difficulty level of activity is subject to individual interpretation so it is extremely important that you read the itinerary and reach out if you have concerns or questions.

        If you have questions about the specifics of the physical activity during this trip, please give us a call at 763-784-8291

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