Crystal River Spring Florida Adventure 2025 - Beatrice Bradley


Enjoy the Crystal Clear beautiful Springs of Central Florida – a warm retreat during the middle of winter!

Snorkel with The Manatees, Boat down the Rainbow River and Harvest Some Sea Sponges!
February 24 – 28, 2025
5 days / 4 nights

This trip offers a midwinter escape to a temperate, water-based paradise. This is not your average beach experience but rather interactive fun in the water. Our captain, Katie Jo is a US Coast Guard certified boat captain and she will guide us through unusually beautiful scenery while boating up and into small rivers. We will also float/swim with the ocean’s gentle giants and their babies. This has a low to moderate physical requirement to get in and out of the water for all activities. This is a unique opportunity to wander in a scenic hidden gem of Central Florida, a true adventure!

This trip will be a fair amount of walking but other than that, you will love the exercise you get from being in the water!

Trip Status:
Single Occupancy – $3,190
Double Occupancy – $2,790 

Dates: February 24 – 28, 2025
5 Days / 4 Nights

Location: Crystal River Springs, Florida

Airport: Tampa International Airport (TPA)

Accommodations: The Plantation INN 

Meet your Hosts 

2 Fabulous BB Hosts

Wynndy and Lynne

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Don’t just tour Crystal River Springs, Experience Crystal River Springs

Every Beatrice Bradley trip is crafted to maximize the experiences had during the trip.
The itineraries are specially made to allow time for engaging in conversation and having belly laughs with a new friend. We hope that the activities and experiences may allow you to come out of your comfort zone and to try new or unique things.
These trips are made to replicate a ‘friends get-away trip’. 

Day One: Welcome to Crystal River – We’ll pick you up from the Airport

Arrive in Tampa (TPA) by 3 pm and we will depart for a quick ride up to the lovely area of Crystal River. After we get settled, depnding on your arrival time, you can utilize the lovely riverside outdoor pool at the Plantation Inn on Crystal River. Later we gather for a “Get to Know You” wine and cheese reception and then off to a great Welcome dinner!


  • Effortless Pickup: Smooth airport transfer from Tampa with your BB Hostesses
  • Relax at Plantation Inn: Unpack, settle in, and explore the beautiful inn grounds.
  • Welcome Dinner: Get to know your fellow travelers and the itinerary ahead at a fantastic welcome dinner.


Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip

Day Two: Snorkeling with the Manatees in the Crystal Springs

Embrace the thrill of Day Two as we set off for an extraordinary experience – swimming with the gentle giants of the sea, the manatees.

After breakfast at the hotel, we’ll gear up in wetsuits and embark on a pontoon boat journey to the Springs and sanctuary. YOU CAN DO IT, we will be immersing ourselves in crystal-clear waters for a magical couple of hours, floating alongside these majestic creatures. With float tubes for easy navigation, you don’t need to be a strong swimmer to enjoy this serene adventure. We’ll ensure you’re well-informed with a brief presentation on how to interact respectfully with the manatees for a truly immersive yet mindful experience. Witness the awe-inspiring sight of mother manatees gliding through the water with their babies.

Post-swim, we’ll return to the hotel to freshen up before heading to Crystal Springs Village for  lunch. The afternoon is yours to explore – meander through quaint antique shops or dive back into water activities like paddleboarding or kayaking right from our hotel. We’ll round off the day with a delectable seafood dinner, sharing stories of our aquatic adventures.


  • Manatee Snorkeling Adventure: Engage in a once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with manatees.
  • Delicious Group Meals: Eat at local hot spots and enjoy laughing with your fellow travelers
  • Time for Leisure and Exploration: Enjoy a free afternoon for shopping, additional swimming, or water sports at your leisure.


Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip

Day Three: Tarpon Springs & Sponge Boat Tour

Breakfast will be at the Breakfast Station, this is a local hot spot on Saturday mornings.

Afterwards, the hosts will drive you off to the Village of Tarpon Springs. This city has a large percentage of Greeks who settled here, to establish a city where they could dive for fresh sea sponges to make a living and they dine on all things Greek for fabulous meals!

You will enjoy a boat ride and hear the history of the town by our Greek Captain Katie Jo and she will show you how sponges are harvested and tell you more fun facts. After our ride we will sit down for our Big Fat Greek lunch at Dimitri’s on the Water. We some exploring around town and in the mid-afternoon we will head back to the Plantation Inn.

Once back, we can swim and gather around the Tiki bar for appetizers and drinks around the pool for our evening fun. There are lots of outdoor lawn games available for a challenge too!


  • Authentic Local Breakfast: Experience the local favorite, Breakfast Station, for a hearty start.
  • Tarpon Springs Adventure: Take a sponge harvesting boat tour and learn all about the history and methods of harvesting sponges
  • Greek Culinary Delights: Savor a delicious lunch at Dimitri’s, right by the water.


Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip

Day Four: Rainbow River Day on the Boat

After breakfast we will spend the day exploring the Rainbow River by boat with Captain Katie Jo. A trip down the Rainbow River gives you a great chance to see wildlife and getting into the water to experience the millions of natural springs! The crystal-clear springs and the great river ride will feel like a Disney Adventure!

Many of you have never seen water this clear, the springs bubble up millions of gallons per minute and you will feel them tickle your feet. Once we reach a special spot we will provide a lovely waterside picnic for lunch and will explore a special trail into the jungle like surroundings.

Our Goodbye Dinner will be at the Blackwater Grill.


  • Exploring Rainbow River by boat with our fabulous captain, Katie Jo
  • Swimming in the crystal-clear spring water
  • Having a waterside picnic lunch
  • Goodbye Dinner with the group sharing stories from our experiences together


Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip

Day Five: Departure Day

We will have breakfast out on the town and then you can have some free time to do some last minute swimming.  


  • Breakfast together before departing
  • Traveling to the Tampa airport for departures home



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Here’s What Our All-Inclusive Experience Includes:
  • Airport Group Transfers: Seamless airport pickups and drop-offs by our friendly hosts, ensuring a smooth start and end to your adventure.
  • Dedicated BB Hostess: Travel with peace of mind knowing a dedicated Beatrice Bradley hostess will be with you throughout the trip, ensuring every aspect of your journey is unforgettable.
  • Full Dining: Enjoy all meals carefully selected to reflect the local cuisine, inclusive of all tips. Whether it’s a quick breakfast or a sumptuous dinner, we’ve got it all covered.
  • Unique Accommodations: Stay in boutique hotels or unique properties that are handpicked for their charm and comfort, providing an authentic and intimate experience.
  • Curated Activities: We find the BEST of the best tours. Making the absolute most out of our time.
  • Included Gratuities: Tips for tour guides and transportation are all taken care of. We ensure that those who make your trip special are rewarded, without you needing to worry about the details.
  • Transportation: All transportation during the experience.
  • You won’t see “Free Days” on our itineraries: Our trips are made for a balanced experience. We carve out time to bond, laugh, shop and explore but we will never just send you out on your own and say “good luck” we do everything together or smaller group breakouts.

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Activity Level – Highest


There will be standing, hiking, kayaking and swimming.

It is your responsibly to fully read and understand the physical abilities that correlate to this Beatrice Bradley Experience. Difficulty level of activity is subject to individual interpretation, so it is extremely important that you read the itinerary and reach out if you have concerns or questions.

If you have questions about the specifics of the physical activity during this trip, please give us a call at 763-784-8291

Role of a Beatrice bradley hostess

Beatrice Bradley is an Experience Company not a Tour Company.  The role of a Beatrice Bradley Host is to be warm and welcoming. To relate and connect. To have attention to details. And to manage the behind-the-scenes magic so your experience is one-of-a-kind. They are not local experts nor are they tour guides. We hire local experts, guides, and historians as each location warrants. They are expert hosts and manage the camaraderie and logistics of the experience. Our goal is that your hostess will make you feel welcomed, comfortable, and that you will walk away with new & lasting friendships made during an unforgettable experience.

Flight Details

Airport Pick Up is included when arriving at the designated airport within the specified pick up window.

Arrival Airport: Tampa International Airport (TPA)
Arrival Date: February 24, 2025
Pick Up Times: 2:00 pm

Departure Airport: Tampa International Airport (TPA)
Departure Date:  February 28, 2025
Drop off Times: Departures should be 3:00 or later

Past Trip Reviews

This was my first time traveling alone and thanks to Beatrice Bradley it won’t be my last. After landing I checked my text messages and found that two participants were already there. We connected and gathered to meet up. That’s how the trip began and it was really fun! Our guides, Ellen, Karen and Debra were knowledgeable and fun. Every day was new and exciting. From our first dinner YUM to the last it was a blast. Plantation Inn was fabulous, swimming in the crystal clear Crystal River was fun as was our trip and boat ride in Tarpon Springs and boat ride on the Rainbow River. Thank you! Deidre

I enjoyed the “girlfriend-get-away” experience the most. I don’t have any sisters or group of friends that can get away like this. I also liked that we didn’t pack too much into one day and had time to relax and just enjoy each other’s company and the surroundings. The hosts did a wonderful job of making everyone feel included and part of the group. Traveling solo actually makes it easier to make new friends because we are all starting fresh.Marie

This was my second trip with Beatrice Bradley. I do not have friends that can travel or who want to travel at this time. And I’m more of an introvert and on the quiet side so I did have to talk myself into it. But, I took my first trip a year ago and it was life changing. Truly. It was not only the experience, which was amazing, but the people I met. These friendships have continued on way past the experience. So, I had no reservations about going on another Beatrice Bradley trip. The second trip was so much fun! The hostesses always want you to have the best experience and do everything to make that happen. And it is special traveling with like minded women. It makes bonding so much easier because you already have something in common to build on. If you have any reservations, don’t give them a second thought. Pick the experience that suits you and go for it! Andrea

Important information

As a solo-traveler, we need you to provide self-awareness and an understanding that you are fully responsible for yourself. This includes: your possessions, your physical abilities or fitness, your attitude, and all other aspects that relate to traveling solo in a group. 

  • Connect with our Members on our Private Facebook Group – Beatrice Bradley Member’s Only
  • You must be able to manage your own luggage and all of your personal belongings on this trip
  • This is not a handicap accessible able trip – you must be able to get in and out of a Large Passenger Transit Vehicle
  • All Ground transportation is included on this trip
  • Group Airport transfers are included in this trip.
  • This trip will have have a maximum of 14 women
  • This trip will have 2 Beatrice Bradley Hostesses
  • If you need a roommate, we will happily pair you with another Beatrice Bradley traveler
  • Travel insurance is not included. Beatrice Bradley is not a licensed travel insurance operator nor is our staff trained to in travel insurance. You can choose to purchase travel insurance through any licensed provider you choose. We will ask you upon booking if you would like us to send you some suggested licensed insurance companies.