Moab, Utah 2025 Trip - Beatrice Bradley

Adventure to Nature’s Grand Arches and Canyons
April 7 – 13, 2025
7 Days / 6 Nights

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Single Occupancy $5,779 Double Occupancy $4,997       

Dates: April 7-13, 2025
7 Days / 6 Nights

Location: Moab, Utah

Airport: Salt Lake International Airport (SLC)

Accommodations: Red Cliff Lodge or Similar, Salt Lake City Airport Hotel or similar

Group Size: 10-14 Guests

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Day One: Arrival Day to Salt Lake City, Utah & Traveling to Moab

Welcome to Salt Lake City! For flight information please see “flight information” tab below. By 4:00, we’re on the road to Moab, traveling through Utah’s shifting landscapes. Upon arriving in Moab, we check into the Red Cliffs Inn. *4 hour Drive, dinner on the road*


  • Heading to Moab (4 hour drive).
  • Scenic Drive to Moab: We depart at noon for a 4-hour journey, appreciating Utah’s unique terrains along the way. Get to our lodge and see the stars above the Red Cliffs
  • Red Cliffs Inn Arrival: We check into the hotel and settle in, surrounded by Moab’s iconic red cliffs.


Day Two: Let’s Explore The Town of Moab & Arches National Park at Sunset WOW!

Waking up to the beautiful surroundings of Red Cliff Lodge, we enjoy a hearty breakfast to fuel our day. Our morning is spent meandering through downtown Moab.. After a short rest at our hotel, we embark on an exceptional Arches National Park tour in the afternoon, led by a professional guide who showcases the park’s breathtaking wonders. As the sun dips, casting golden hues on the magnificent rock formations, we realize the magic of Moab has only just begun.


  • Red Cliff Lodge Breakfast: We start our day with a delightful meal amidst the beautiful vistas of the lodge.
  • Downtown Moab Exploration: We dive into Moab’s character, discovering shops and enjoying its atmosphere.
  • Arches National Park Afternoon / Sunset Tour: Over 4 hours, we’re treated to unrivaled views of Balanced Rock, Courthouse Towers, and more. Guided walks lead us to iconic arches while we relish the convenience of being driven.
  • Sunset Magic: As the day concludes, the setting sun transforms the landscape, splashing brilliant colors across the sandstone


Day Three: Moab Off-Roading Like Never Before! You Can Do It!!

The morning will start with breakfast at the hotel. There will be an optional hike from our lodge, or rejuvenation time, before we head out for the day. Today’s adventure, brace yourself for the most sought-after off-roading experience in Moab. The day promises adrenaline as we ascend Moab’s iconic red rock fins heading straight for the infamous “Hell’s Revenge.” The journey takes us through mesmerizing rock canyons, over awe-striking sandstone hills, and into the heart of Moab’s rich geological tapestry. Pausing atop a spectacular overlook, witness the majestic beauty of the Colorado River and Arches National Park BRING YOUR CAMERA. With the sun casting long shadows on this rugged landscape, experience off-roading like never before, blending both thrills and serene natural beauty.


  • Adrenaline-Packed Exploration: Take Moab’s most sought after off-roading experience in a Hummer
  • Hell’s Revenge: Immerse in the thrill of scaling the legendary sandstone terrain.
  • Picturesque Pauses: Seize moments at the intersection of the Colorado River and Arches National Park, with unrivaled views of the La Sal Mountains.
  • *Disclaimer* This tour is SLOW PACED however, those with back injuries are cautioned due to it being an off-road experience. 


Day Four: Giddy Up, Gals! Horseback Trails to Hiking!

Giddy up, Gals. We start our Morning off on Horseback. Beginning at the Red Cliffs Corral, you’ll meet your gentle cowboy-trained quarter horse and our professional wrangler who will take some time to make sure each person feels comfortable with their horse and horseback riding technique. After some lessons in the corral, horseback riding begins. You’ll head up Castle Creek Canyon where the soft sounds of the clear water creek add to the ambiance of towering 2,000-foot cliffs. Cross the shallow creek several times as the views just keep getting better. This beautiful trail is made exclusive to those who choose this trip, so you’ll gain a special sense of seclusion that only adds to the astounding sights. After your horseback ride, you’ll return to the corral, bid farewell to your steed, and take some time to explore and relax around the ranch, visit the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage, or join us for lunch on our River Deck.

The afternoon we will regroup and the go explore TBD per groups preference


  • Horseback Adventure: Embark on a professionally guided horseback ride, maneuvering through Castle Creek Canyon’s magnificent scenery.
  • Exclusive Trails: Ride on an exclusive trail offering serene creek crossings and unparalleled canyon views.
  • Western Heritage: Dive into history at the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage.
  • Hiking and Exploration: Small Group Choice
  • *Disclaimer* to participate in the horseback adventure, guests max weight is 220lbs 


Day Five: Explore The Canyonlands National Park

Early morning journey into the heart of Canyonlands National Park. Guided by our host, we wil spend the day in its vast landscapes, taking in panoramic views that capture the soul of the American Southwest such as the iconic Mesa Arch, Grand View Point, and the Green and Colorado River. We will be back to the hotel by Dinner.


  • Mesa Arch: A world-renowned symbol of the American Southwest, this natural stone arch beautifully frames a vast landscape of canyons, mesas, and the Colorado River below, especially mesmerizing at sunrise.
  • Grand View Point: As the name suggests, this lookout offers sweeping panoramas of the Island in the Sky district and the vast labyrinth of canyons that lie beneath, showcasing the park’s sheer magnitude.
  • The Confluence: A geographical wonder where the Green and Colorado Rivers meet, carving deeper into the earth, their intertwined waters providing a striking contrast in colors and a testament to the erosive powers shaping the landscape.
  • Island in the Sky: A broad and lofty mesa wedged between the Colorado and Green rivers, it offers several overlooks with breathtaking views, capturing the essence of Canyonlands’ majestic landscapes.


Day Six: Depart for Salt Lake!

We will wake up and check out of our Moab Hotel. We will pass through Moab to grab souvenirs and walk the streets with newly made friends. We will grab a quick sandwhich lunch in Moab before heading to Salt Lake City for the night. We will be staying at a airport hotel to make departure easy for tomorrow. 


Morning Exploration of Moab: Stroll through the town, with its array of boutiques and artisan shops offering unique Southwestern crafts, jewelry, and memories.
Scenic Drive to Salt Lake City: Travel north, witnessing the transition from red rock landscapes to the urban sprawl, with memories of adventures echoing throughout.
Airport Hotel Convenience: Ease the travel stress with a stay right next to the airport, ensuring a smooth departure process

Day Seven: See you soon, friends!

Depart from Salt Lake City at your convience. 

Flight Details

Airport Pick Up is included when arriving at the designated airport within the specified pick up window.

Arrival Airport: Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)
Arrival Date: April 7, 2025
Pick Up Times: **MUST ARRIVE BEFORE 3**

Departure Airport: Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)
Departure Date:  April 13, 2025
Drop off Times: Depart at your leisure


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