Have you felt like the clouds have moved across your horizon and have covered your sun? I have been trying to see the blue sky, the heavens above, watch the Spring flowers come, and the new green leaves pop open on the trees. There are days though that it is hard to overcome the great sadness that has engulfed my brain since our world has turned upside down. It is hard to see through the clouds and beyond.

I used to jump on a plane without much thought, I often saw the morning clouds when the sun was coming up, and I was taking off to another city, another country. I never let them get in my way. I often found that when I was soaring in a plane at 37,000 ft, I could use the time to sort out many business issues, make decisions, implement plans. I planned graduations, weddings, fabulous parties for family. I drew maps and planned excursions for upcoming trips with my family and friends.

Today I am starting this process again. The clouds will come, but the sunshine will always prevail and shine through. A life well lived will become mine again, and I am ready to make my plans. Are you going to join me and start planning your Summer?

The clouds are at my back, and I am ready to take the boat rides, drive to see beautiful parks, hop on the plane to attend wedding showers and weddings of friends and family.

I want to cruise the rivers and the lakes, social distance as needed. Attend a wine tasting on a deck of a great vineyard and watch the clouds fade away when I see a sunset from my favorite beach.

Be blessed, be happy, watch the clouds float away and the Sun shine on your day.