Marilyn and the group spent a long weekend in Boerne, Texas Cowboy Style! - Beatrice Bradley

Here is what Marilyn had to say about the trip!

What adventure did you take?

Boerne, Texas 03/22

Ease of finding and booking your trip?

It was quite easy. I liked the quick tensile and texts responses.. The communication prior to trip added to the feeling that BB is glad I chose them for the trip. This communication also promoted the friendship feeling and closeness of the group.. I would also keep the tour groups to your small number of 12. Promotes a closer feel and camaraderie. I like the BB group membership concept. Sense of belonging. So important.

Lodging – quality of accommodations, cleanliness, grounds

Bevy Hotel very nice bedrooms, I liked the common meeting area in first floor and pool area for gathering to talk. Breakfast was excellent! Good breakfast buffet and good coffee and good service. I would choose this hotel again.

Tour host: How did your Beatrice Bradley Host / Co Host do?

Debra and Sarah were great. Warm and Friendly. Kept to the schedule which can be hard to do with group of ladies. Debra excellent driver. The activities planned and restaurants we ate at were great choices! I liked Debra ability to make decisions and get things done. Like ordering food samples for all to try . Keeping women on time. All done very nicely. I liked Debra planning techniques to make trips memorable and enjoyable.

Meals / Restaurants – What did you think of the meals/restaurants that were chosen/served?

Liked Peggy’s. Best steak and good and dessert. Like eating at places unique to the region. Blackboard barbecue great food and fun experience. I would recommend both again. McAdoos was also very good food . I liked the way paying for meals was done, we could order whatever we wanted and Debra paid for meals and tips. I liked that wine was included but in moderation. I found Debra bro be very generous with our eating and dining. Good food and restaurants are important. A treat, not something I do at home very often so the eating out was special. With the costs of trip, the eating experiences contribute to the satisfaction of money well spent.

Overall Satisfaction of Trip?

Happy, valued, appreciated. I learned and enjoyed the history tours of town and jail. I would have enjoyed time in Fredericksburg and at the museum of War in the Pacific. I like history of region and learning. I really liked the Wild Seed Farm. Maybe next time at that farm some education on how they got started doing seed harvesting , how it is done, showing the equipment. the owner invented to do it.

Will you travel with us again?

Yes – I can’t wait

Would you recommend us to a friend?

Most Definitely