Susie made her 1st trip at the Ox Ranch in Texas! - Beatrice Bradley

Here is what she had to say!

What adventure did you take?

Texas Ox Ranch Safari March 21-24

Ease of finding and booking your trip?

After joining the FB group, I would see ads for upcoming trips. This one caught my eye and I wanted to go!

Lodging – quality of accommodations, cleanliness, grounds?

We all had single occupancy cabins. That was perfect as I’m a very restless sleeper and I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing a room. The cabins were spotless and fully stocked!!! I had never been at a place that had drinks and food in our rooms.

How did your Beatrice Bradley Host?

Debra was wonderful, from the moment of picking us up at the airport to dropping us off.

Meals / Restaurants – What did you think of the meals/restaurants that were chosen/served?

Delicious food and lots of it!!! They were excellent and always willing to bring us what we wanted.

Overall Satisfaction of Trip?

This was my first trip with this group.. my friends and family would make comments like “you don’t know ANYBODY on this trip⁉️“ or “ you’re brave“ We all got along so well and it was such a fun trip!! I miss them now!

Will you travel with us again?

Yes – I can’t wait

Would you recommend us to a friend?

Most Definitely

Please write a Review – Thank you!

This group of patriotic like-minded women was an absolute joy to spend a vacation with!!! Everything on this trip was planned out so no need to try figure out the schedule each day!! The meals were delicious and such a nice variety of food to choose from! I can’t wait to go again!!