The featured picture here is called Sunset@Tulips by photographer Marcel Tuit. I thought today’s armchair travel experience could bring thoughts of Easter to mind. In many parts of the country, you are just experiencing those first few warm days of Spring, Easter will be here on Sunday. And, although we are all homebound, COVID-19 cannot stop you from venturing into your yard to find the early harbingers of Spring, namely Tulips ( and Daffodils). Or, you can go to YouTube and type in Tulip fields or Tulip Gardens, and there are several beautiful videos, using Drone technology for sweeping field views and overhead shots.

tulip garden
In Holland, the famed Keukenhof Gardens is the place to be from about mid-April to the beginning week of May. If you visit during that time, you will find that one of the most significant commodities that the Netherlands produces, Tulip bulbs, will be in full bloom. In the US, many Dutch settled in and around Holland, Michigan. Every Spring there is a Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan. The Tulip Time Festival, Inc. has a beautiful website. From their blog:

The most helpful thing to understand about the Tulip Time Festival is that it does not occur in a gated, single location. Over 8 days, events and activities take place in over 30 different locations, most within a 4-mile radius of Downtown Holland. Our three fabulous parades take place along a two-mile parade route. Hundreds of Dutch Dancers perform throughout the city in more than 50 performances. City parks and the downtown Holland area are filled with tulip plantings and the beautiful Tulip Lanes offer 6 miles of quaint, residential streets flanked with tulips.

The best way to “find” the festival is to check out our website interactive map and learn about what is happening on the “Shows & Events” page. (A print copy of the map and events is also available by request at www.tuliptime.com/join.)

Time to take in the beautiful Spring color that only Tulips can bring! Happy Easter everyone.