Travel with me today to Kew Gardens in London. The English have long been known to be expert gardeners and are very appreciative of their flower gardens. Just outside of London, about 30 minutes on two train rides, a national treasure awaits.

Kew Gardens

It goes without saying that in Spring, the garden is full of beautiful flower gardens bursting with perennials and bulbs like Tulips, Daffodils, Poppies, Anemones, flowering trees, and so much more. Today, however, I thought I would show you what it looks like in December, the middle of winter, because some times we just can’t go where we want to go when we want to go. ( Thank you COVID-19).

There are exciting structures built on the grounds of Kew Gardens, none quite as impressive as the HIVE. Become a bee for just a moment and look at the structure and busyness of the hive.

Princess of Wales, Kate, has her own conservatory which honors creativity in garden and landscape design. It also serves as a teaching garden where school children and adults alike can learn about many of our food or drink producing plants.

Lovely orchids abound and tropical plants. And then there are unusual plants like the insect eaters.

Many of these insect-eaters are part of the Orchid family.

Finally, any visit to a great place like this ends with a shopping experience in their fabulous gift shop. Lots of wonderful gifts for the plant lover.

Have a great day

Have a great day.