A great daydream for today’s armchair travel is to think of your favorite farmer’s market and how you travel up and down the paths to spot the best, fresh produce and beautiful flowers. I now live in an area that allows for open-air green markets almost every week of the year. It wasn’t all that long ago, however, that I lived where it was cold and snowy/rainy for several months on end. You can think of that time as our quarantine time now, and we will soon be able to burst outdoors and find our way to the fresh markets again.

I am revealing pictures today, from Homer, Alaska farmer’s market I visited last Summer. Homer is known for its Peonies, and the market also sells flowers like Sweet Peas ( I am holding a fragrant bunch in my picture) and unique items like Birch syrup, beautiful root veggies in rainbow colors ( see the Beets and Carrots).

Savvy farmers and growers develop unique products to sell at the open-air markets and gauge the audience’s interest to help build their marketing plans.

Sometimes you can even find artists displaying their paintings.

Bear painting

I’m dreaming about the next time I can visit my favorite farmer’s market. What is your favorite market?