I have been to New York many times, and it is always captivating. My last trip was in early February, just before Valentine’s day this year. It has been heartbreaking to think about how the COVID-19 has brought the city to its knees.

Today, though, is a day to embrace thoughts of encouragement as the rate of new cases is finally starting to slow. Spring is in the air, and trees are beginning to bud. Allow yourself to take this break and daydream about the New York many of us love.

I choose to stay in the Chelsea area as one of my favs, and a big reason is to get to walk past the glorious array of fresh flowers, plants, and trees lining the flower district in Chelsea. The wholesale flower market on most days is teeming with activity starting at about 5 am.

Cut flowers are sorted and segregated into color groupings by variety and species. Spring blossoms of apple or cherry are always eye-popping beauty to me. And these lovely sweet pea bundles shown here are fragrant and wispy bloomed. Below is a vibrant colored Scabiosa ( Pin Cushion flower).

Customers who come streaming in include florists, event planners, interior designers, just to name a few. If you have ever attended an event in New York you have been sure to see fantastic arrangements adorning every hotel, restaurant, conference venue, etc.

In the same vicinity, the artificial flower market coincides, and it is great fun to
visit these shops to see home decor and permanent flower trends.

When life becomes a little more normal again, and New York reopens, be sure to set that alarm for an early morning stroll in the Wholesale Flower district in Chelsea, New York. Have a blooming day!