The Mighty Mississippi River runs through America’s heartland from Northern Minnesota to the Delta in New Orleans. You can travel to where it all begins this Summer! Millions of Americans camp along side the river each year, they go boating on it and even swim in parts.

If you would love an opportunity to see where it all begins, plan a trip to Itasca State Park near Bemidji, Minnesota. You can wade through the crystal clear Headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi as it starts its path as overflow from Lake Itasca.

Kids love to explore this wonderful state park, you can swim in the shallow beginning of the river. There are boat rides, canoeing, kayaking and many ways to learn about the Indians who settled first in this area.

The Mighty Mississippi river runs from Northern Minnesota to Louisiana and spills out into the Gulf of Mexico. It runs through cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis and much of the heartland’s commerce moves by barge on the river.

Have you ever tasted Wild Rice? That beautiful dark brown rice which was harvested up until very recently by Indians who hit the plants with sticks to force the small pieces to drop into their canoes. Lake Itasca was the start of the Wild Rice industry in the US. Learn all about how to use this tasty, unique rice.

This is also the land of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, a wonderful folklore tale that kids of all ages love to read! Start planning a trip to one of our Nation’s treasures.