Travel with me for a moment to our Lake. Mother Nature has such an awesome power and she shows it in many ways. I have always loved a good storm at the Lake, the clouds darken and hang low, filled with moisture. The wind starts ramping up and whistles through the trees, the birds fly into the trees and hang on tight. We often watch the sheet of rain racing across the lake from the far shore, bearing down on us and then a big CRACK of lighting, and she lets loose. The rain falls down.

Armchair travel

One thing always remains true, after the storm the skies start to clear, the clouds break apart and reveal a beautiful, awe-inspiring sunset. The warmth and brightness of the Sun returns.

Keep this in mind today as you are working from home, trying to keep the challenges at a minimum. Trying to keep your family entertained and safe. This Covid-19 will also pass, life will return closer to what we knew before the quarantine. Let yourself daydream about a place you would like to see when it is safe to travel again. Where are you daydreaming you’d like to go?