I am not sure how you are feeling after months of “sheltering in place,” but I need to get outdoors every day I can during Summer. Of course, there are great places to walk and hike year-round, but something about water calls to me. I am a “lake girl” through and through, and boating has been a part of my culture for years. Cruising on a pontoon or speed boat is great when you want to entertain, drive your friends around to see sites or work on a suntan. When you want to get your exercise, though, you need to try kayaking!


I found an excellent “intro to kayaking” blog on EZDock’s website. The link is www.ez-dock.com/blog/kayaking-for-beginners. Their picture above shows you the essentials needed for kayaking, and frankly, the equipment is not so expensive, nor are there a lot of items required.

When buying a kayak, both the size of the paddles and the best kayak length are essential to consider. Buy from a reputable sporting goods retailer, and the salesperson should be able to help you choose the correct size.

Choosing the best kayak for your purposes should include considering the different models and what their primary purpose is:

  • Sit-on-top kayaks: Many people are familiar with this type of recreational kayak. It does not have an enclosed seat, so it’s easier to enter and exit compared to other variations. They are wider, provide more stability, and are generally better for beginner kayakers.
  • Touring kayaks: Touring kayaks are long with small cockpits. Their narrowness and length make them the right choice for a more involved kayaking experience, such as taking longer trips across lakes.
  • Recreational kayaks: These kayaks have slightly larger cockpit openings than touring kayaks. Recreational kayaks are also shorter in length and are ideal for calmer kayaking experiences.

Practice makes perfect, and before long, you will have perfected the paddling, turning, and docking of your kayak. For many women, especially as we age, tightening upper body strength is very important, and what a fun way to achieve better arms!

Not ready to buy a kayak just yet?  There are many good options for renting kayaks without buying first. Take some pictures of your first kayaking challenge and comment back on to us, we would love to hear from you.