Crystal River Spring Florida Adventure - Beatrice Bradley


Enjoy the Crystal Clear beautiful Springs of Central Florida – a warm retreat during the middle of winter!


February 24 – 28, 2022

This trip offers a midwinter escape to a temperate, water-based paradise. This is not your average beach experience but rather interactive fun in the water. Our co-host, Katie Jo is a US Coast Guard certified boat captain and she will guide us through unusually beautiful scenery while boating up and into small rivers. We will also float/swim with the ocean’s gentle giants and their babies. This has a low to moderate physical requirement to get in and out of the water for all activities. This is a unique opportunity to wander in a scenic hidden gem of Central Florida, a true adventure!

This trip will be a fair amount of walking but other than that, the exercise you get will be from lifting tender morsels of barbeque or a cold brew to your lips.

Crystal Spring River, Florida trip

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February 24 – 28, 2022

5 Days / 4 Nights

Location: Crystal River Springs, Florida

Airport: Tampa International Airport (TPA) 


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Trip Overview

Day 1 – Arrive at TPA by 2 pm and we will depart for an eye-popping ride along the amazing Gulf coast of Florida, up through Clearwater and on to Dunedin where we will stop off for a short treat – a cocktail or ice cream cone and a bit of window shopping. Once back into the van we will push another hour or so until we land in Crystal River at our destination around 5:30 pm. After we get settled, we gather for a “get to know you” wine and cheese reception and then on to a great first dinner together!

Today’s Highlights:

  • An amazing ride along the Gulf Coast of Florida
  • Stopping for some window shopping and a cocktail or an ice cream cone in Dunedin
  • Gathering for a “Get to Know You” wine & cheese reception and a wonderful dinner together!
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip

Day 2 – Dependent on the weather, we will rise early to get suited up for our Manatee experience. A short pontoon boat ride to the Springs and sanctuary will allow us a couple of hours to swim and view these great creatures. You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer or have massive stamina to do this, you will be given float tubes and basically you will paddle slightly with your feet to move around. All the tours will give you a presentation before we go about how to remain passive in the water for great viewing but so as not to disturb the sandy bottom or the Manatees. The big Mommas are so impressive with their babies swimming alongside. After the swim we will head back to our rooms to change and have lunch in Crystal Springs Village. After lunch, the afternoon is yours to knock around the antique shops or come back to paddle board or kayak right from our hotel. If the weather is inclement or not perfect for the plans of the day, we will switch to another day for the Manatee swim and will go off and explore another area instead as a group.

Today’s Highlights:

  • Swimming and viewing the Manatees!
  • Having lunch as a group
  • Afternoon is free to shop, do some more swimming, paddleboard or kayak
  • Dinner together as a group
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip

Day 3 – Breakfast will be at the hotel and then in the morning you can sit by the pool (heated) or the hot tub, or you could play golf, if you are a golfer, or kayak. Afterwards, Katie Jo will come to pick everyone up and head off to the village of Tarpon Springs. This city has a large percentage of Greeks who settled here, to establish a city where they could dive for fresh sea sponges to make a living and they dine on all things Greek for fabulous meals! You will have fun touring the docks and tasting the great

Greek cuisine at lunchtime. After our big lunch, later when we return, we can gather around the Tiki bar for appetizers and drinks or head to a great watering hole.

Today’s Highlights:

  • Sitting by the pool or hot tub, golfing or kayaking.
  • Tour of historic Greek village, Tarpon Springs
  • Having a wonderful Greek cuisine lunch
  • Gathering at the Tiki Bar in the late afternoon for apps & drinks
  • Dinner as a group at a fun restaurant
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip

Day 4 – After breakfast we will spend the day exploring by boat with Captain Katie Jo. A trip down the small rivers and through the crystal-clear springs will feel like a Disney Adventure! Many of you have never seen water this clear, the springs bubble up millions of gallons per minute to keep the water moving and it is so clean. You will be able to hop on and off as you like for a quick swim and a special spot will provide a lovely lunch venue for a waterside picnic. Dinner will be in the surrounding area and we will have a special gathering after dinner to share our travel stories and toast our new friends.

Today’s Highlights:

  • Exploring by boat with our fabulous captain, Katie Jo
  • Swimming in the crystal-clear spring water
  • Having lunch by the waterside
  • Dinner with the group and a special gathering to share travel stories
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip

Day 5 – We will have breakfast overlooking the river and then you will have time for a spa visit or more time outside on the water kayaking or swimming. We pack up the van around 11:30am and start our journey towards Tampa. We will stop for lunch along the coast and you may book your departure for 3pm or later. If anyone wants to stay in Tampa for a few more days, we will be happy to help plan that itinerary with you.

*Anyone who wants a spa treatment during their stay should contact Debra to help set a time and treatment to fit into our schedule before you leave.

Today’s Highlights:

  • Spa visit or more time outside on the water
  • Lunch on the coast
  • Traveling to Tampa airport
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip
Crystal River, Florida trip

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  • Grand Ole Opry Christmas Country Tickets
  • Tickets to Belmont Mansion Tour
  • Private Gastronomy Tour
  • Special Dinner with cocktails

Included Meals

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  • All meals together included

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  • Gratuity for tour guides

Secure your spot HERE with a $250 deposit 

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Arrival Airport: Tampa International Airport (TPA)
Arrival Date: February 24, 2022 before 2 pm

Departure Airport: Tampa International Airport (TPA)
Departure Date: February 28, 2022, Departure time after 3 if possible


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can not find a arrival flight before designated arrival window?

Our trips are typically only 4-6 days in length so we really try to make the most out of our time together. The first night we host a special Welcome Dinner where you really kick off the fun and start to get acquainted. However, we understand that it is not always possible to find a flight that works. There are a few options.

1. let our team know ASAP and its possible we can accommodate for it. In some situations there is a hotel shuttle or taxi that can be taken. However, some airports are too far from our destination for shuttle or taxi services, so it is important that you let our team know ASAP
2. Arrive a day early

  • You will be responsible for your own transportation and hotel arrangements during that time
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What if I can not find a departure flight before designated departure window?

Our trips are typically only 4-6 days in length so we really try to make the most out of our time together. We have scheduled tours or meals the day of departure so it is possible that if you have a flight earlier than designated departure time that you will miss part of the tour. We would recommended tying to stay an extra night. Please note that you are responsible for all ground transportation for your departure if your departure is outside of designated window.

Please call 763-784-8291 with any questions or concerns

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We will be using a 12-15 passenger van during the duration of this trip. 

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