Terry had a Wonderful Experience on the Crystal River Trip! | Beatrice Bradley

Name: Terry

What adventure did you take + Date (MM/YY): Crystal River 02/24/22

Lodging – quality of accommodations, cleanliness, grounds: 7

Additional comments – Lodging:

The Plantation lodgings were clean. The staff was mostly nice. Being right on the water was wonderful. The pool and pool area was nice. The buffet breakfast was very underwhelming. I would stay there again.

Tour host: How did your Beatrice Bradley Host / Co Host do?: 10

Additional comments – Tour Host:

I would give Debra a 10+++ as well as Katie Jo. They went out of their way to make everyone’s trip as enjoyable as possible. Debra was extremely flexible to adjust to changes in our schedule to allow us to maximize our vacation with Beatrice Bradley.

Meals / Restaurants – What did you think of the meals/restaurants that were chosen/served?: 9

Additional comments :

With exception of the buffet breakfast at the hotel. The meals were wonderful. Debra changed the breakfast on our last day to a local restaurant that was 100% better.

Overall Satisfaction of Trip: 10

Additional comments:

I loved my experience and meeting all the ladies.

Will you travel with us again?: Yes – I can’t wait

Would you recommend us to a friend?: Most Definitely

Please write a Review:

Traveling with a group of women from all over the country who were total strangers? Concerning? No. Absolutely 100% an experience to never forget. Being on a tour with like minded wonderful ladies who became instant friends sharing adventures that would be difficult to do as a solo traveler.

Beatrice Bradley tours made everything easy. I plan to go on additional adventures and see more of our beautiful country.