Weren’t we lucky though to have had such wonderful weather for December in Annapolis?!

First, I want to thank all of you for trusting Beatrice Bradley with your time and money to help get you in the Holiday spirit and for the lovely camaraderie we shared during our trip. You are a group of warm hearted ladies who opened up to share the true Spirit of Christmas with each other. That is what Beatrice Bradley Adventure travel is all about, making new friends, pushing ourselves to get out of a rut or forget the disappointing news we hear daily. It is a bonus to get to explore new places, meet the locals and enjoy tapping into their communities. The owner of Luna Blu ( our Saturday night eatery) could not have thanked me more for bringing you in. And to say the least, we made the week by eating breakfast twice at the Lighthouse Bistro, staffed by homeless and less privileged people, and with such broad smiles.

A special thank you to Susan who taught us her lovely shell craft and sent us home to with a great remembrance from our trip. Susan you are a dear and we loved sharing what you have become so adept at doing. Everyone please remember to send Susan a picture of your work, just snap a shot and send via email, Susan would like to see how they all finished up. On that note, please pick out your 10 best pictures and send to me so I can group them and send to all of you.

And a thank you to my friend Laurie for helping me coordinate activities, etc. so well!

I have attached the attendee cheat sheet of our group and now it has all of your contact info included. I urge all of you to contribute to our members only Facebook page by saying Hi to new members in your area, you might get enthusiastic to meet someone new right near you, as Linda Branning did. Try to have a lunch group once a month or a cocktail hour. Also feel free to suggest ideas by email back to me for areas you would like to see trips. As our group grows, we will need to continue to add more trips. We are also building our trip hosts and co-hosts, it is a building process.

As with any new group, we are learning with each trip. The great idea for the 15 passenger van did not work as well as we thought and I apologize for the inconvenient and difficult getting on and getting off it caused. We are considering better modes of transport for all future trips. And again, thank you for understanding that doing things for a first time does not always mean we see the best way to execute the task. I learned about the chocolate festival ticket dispersal the hard way. For future trips, I will hand out a daily timeline of events, it will be subject to change as unforeseen things come up, but then you will know where to be at what time. Our BBGage staff will be sending out a questionnaire and we would greatly appreciate your filling it out and sending back. We learn from you! Look for it in your Inbox in the next day or so.

I just want to finish by saying that every one of us has faced lemons that life has thrown at us, I was happy to hear you open up about some of your life problems. I say that as a group, the love and camaraderie shown makes me know that our lemons will all become a collective pitcher of Lemonade. And we are all here for each other so never miss a chance to reach out when you feel down or want to just talk. The more lemons, the sweeter we will make our Lemonade.

God Bless you all and have a wonderful Christmas season. Join me or another BB host on a future trip. Don’t forget that you can put a payment plan together that suits you.