Magical Holiday visit to Annapolis, MD in Dec 2021! - Beatrice Bradley

Name: Linda

What adventure did you take + Date (MM/YY): Annapolis December 2021

Ease of finding and booking your trip: 10
Additional comments – Finding/Booking: Facebook, then website. Could not have been easier.

Lodging – quality of accommodations, cleanliness, grounds: 10
Additional comments – Lodging: Single, good accommodations

Tour host: 10
Additional comments – Tour Host: Debra could not have been better. Kudos to her. She adapted to unforeseen events and worked tirelessly to make it a great trip!

Meals / Restaurants – What did you think of the meals/restaurants that were chosen/served?: 10
Additional comments: In such a small town it couldn’t have been easy to get us into all the fine places we went to.

Overall Satisfaction of Trip: 10
Additional comments: I loved Debra and all the other ladies. I can’t wait to take another trip. I wish I could take them all.

Will you travel with us again?: Yes – I can’t wait

Would you recommend us to a friend?: Most Definitely

Please write a Review: It was a wonderful way to start the holidays. Everyone was great. Thank you for the opportunity.