Kimberly had a Wonderful Experience on the Crystal River Trip! - Beatrice Bradley

Name: Kimberly

What adventure did you take + Date (MM/YY): Crystal River 02/24/22

Ease of finding and booking your trip: 7

Additional comments – Finding/Booking:

Found the trip on Facebook, that is where I get most of my information for Beatrice Bradley. Occasionally I went to the website..

Lodging – quality of accommodations, cleanliness, grounds: 7

Additional comments – Lodging:

Single accommodations. You could tell the rooms were older and were not maintained as well as might be expected. The bed was super comfy and the linens were clean.

Tour host: How did your Beatrice Bradley Host / Co Host do?: 10

Additional comments – Tour Host:

These ladies were amazing. A little bit of a rough start getting us altogether but it was not an easy tasks with so many fight cancellations and delays. Both were very accommodating and did everything to make sure we were having a good time and enjoying the days activities.

Meals / Restaurants – What did you think of the meals/restaurants that were chosen/served?: 10

Additional comments :

The last restaurant that we went to I had the best steak I have ever eaten out and it was a fish place. LOL!! Nice variety of restaurants with a large variety of choices.

Overall Satisfaction of Trip: 9

Additional comments:

This was a hard trip for me to take, the first one since my husband passed away. I was so pleased to bee able to travel and feel comfortable doing it. will say the pace was a little fast for me, I would have enjoyed a little more down time between the days activities and dinner, but was probably alone in that feeling.(I was probably a little more girly than some of the others on the trip.

Will you travel with us again?: Yes – I can’t wait

Would you recommend us to a friend?: Most Definitely

Please write a Review:

If you want to travel and not go alone, I highly suggest Beatrice Bradley, I felt very safe and the women were wonderful. It was definitely a great step in expanding my comfort zone.