Ely Boundary Waters 2024 Trip - Beatrice Bradley

Fall Colors in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Experience Fall Colors in Ely, MN the small town that sits on the edge of the Boundary Waters National Park

 Hike, paddle, boat and ATV in the Superior national forest 
September 23-29, 2024
7 days / 6 nights

Overall Trip Highlights

  • Canoe Adventures in the BWCAW: Paddle through pristine lakes and rivers, navigating through serene waters surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The sense of tranquility and connection with nature is unparalleled.

  • Hiking through Superior National Forest: Trek along scenic trails that wind through towering pine forests and along crystal-clear lakes. The hikes will offer stunning vistas and the chance to spot wildlife in their natural habitat.

  • Boating Excursions: Enjoy leisurely boat rides across the expansive lakes, taking in the breathtaking scenery and maybe even casting a line for some fishing along the way.

  • ATV Rides: Experience the thrill of off-road adventures on ATVs, exploring rugged trails and discovering hidden gems within the forest. This activity combines excitement with the beauty of the natural surroundings.

  • Visits to Historic Landmarks: Explore local attractions such as Split Rock Lighthouse and Gooseberry Falls, learning about the rich history and enjoying the picturesque settings of these iconic sites.

  • Educational Visits: Engage with the wilderness through informative tours at the International Wolf Center and North American Bear Center, where you’ll gain insights into the lives and habitats of these magnificent animals.

  • Stargazing in the International Dark Sky Sanctuary: As night falls, witness the celestial wonders of the world’s largest Dark Sky Sanctuary. The clear skies of Ely provide the perfect backdrop for stargazing, with the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights.

  • Cultural Exploration: Visit the Dorothy Molter Museum and Ely Folk School to delve into the local culture, learning traditional crafts and skills, and hearing captivating stories about the area’s history

September 23-29, 2024
7 Days / 6 Nights

Group Size: 12-14 Guests and 2 Hosts 
Your BB Hostesses: Ellen and Karen

Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
$4,990 $4,190
Private Room with Private Bath Shared Room, Separate Beds, Shared Bath
Deposit Due at Time of Booking:
$250 for Domestic/$500 for International
Deposit Due at Time of Booking:
$250 for Domestic/$500 for International
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  • Transportation: All transportation is included throughout the experience, from airport pickup to your final drop-off.
  • You won’t see “Free Days” on our itineraries: Our trips are made for a balanced experience. We carve out time to bond, laugh, shop and explore but we will never just send you out on your own and say “good luck” we do everything together or smaller group breakouts.

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Arrival Information Departing Information
Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Minneapolis, MN (MSP)
September 23, 2024 September 29, 2024
Please arrive any time after 2pm Depart anytime that works for you

The overall activity level is balanced to provide both adventure and relaxation, ensuring that participants can engage in enjoyable physical activities without overexertion. It is suitable for those comfortable with moderate physical activity and who enjoy being outdoors.

This trip is perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in nature, engage in light to moderate physical activities, and experience the cultural and educational offerings of Ely, MN.

As your hostesses, we understand that traveling solo can be intimidating, but rest assured, making you feel welcomed and comfortable is our top priority. Our experiences are designed for building new and lasting friendships in a warm and welcoming environment.

From the moment you arrive until we bid you farewell, we’ll be right by your side. We meticulously handle all the details and manage the logistics seamlessly behind the scenes, ensuring your journey is truly unique and worry-free. While we aren’t local experts or tour guides, we work with a network of local professionals carefully selected for each location to enrich your experience.

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Every Beatrice Bradley trip is crafted to maximize the experiences had during the trip.
The itineraries are specially made to allow time for engaging in conversation and having belly laughs with a new friend. We hope that the activities and experiences may allow you to come out of your comfort zone and to try new or unique things.
These trips are made to replicate a ‘friends get-away trip’. 

Experience Fall Colors w/ New Friends in the Superior National Forest  

Day One:  Arrival Day, Welcome Dinner at MOA!

Upon arriving at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP), you’ll be greeted and whisked away to the fabulously trendy Radisson Blu at the Mall of America (MOA), where the adventure begins. Check into your stylish room and take a moment to soak in the vibrant atmosphere. With the MOA just steps away, you can explore its vast array of shops, entertainment options, and attractions—there’s something for everyone! If shopping isn’t your thing, perhaps a quick visit to the nearby IKEA for some Scandinavian inspiration. As the evening unfolds, gather with your fellow Beatrice Bradley tripmates for a delightful welcome dinner at Fire Lake, where you’ll enjoy delicious cuisine and start forming new friendships. For those who arrive early, there’s an optional tour of Prince’s legendary Paisley Park with co-founder Jane Rabe, offering an unforgettable glimpse into the life and legacy of Minnesota’s own musical icon.


  • Airport pickup from MSP: Enjoy a hassle-free transfer from the airport to your hotel.
  • Check-in to Radisson Blu at MOA: Stay in a chic and modern hotel located within the Mall of America.
  • Explore the MOA: Dive into the diverse offerings of the Mall of America, from shopping to entertainment, or take a short trip to IKEA.
  • Welcome dinner at Fire Lake: Meet and mingle with your tripmates over a delicious dinner at this renowned restaurant.
  • Optional Prince’s Paisley Park Tour: Early arrivals can opt for an exclusive tour of Paisley Park, led by co-founder Jane Rabe, for an extra dose of excitement and culture.
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Day Two: Split Rock Lighthouse, Gooseberry Fall and Lake Superior – Gichi-Gami

After a quick grab-and-go breakfast, we set off on an exhilarating road trip to Duluth, MN. Our first stop is Canal Park, where we’ll enjoy lunch while watching massive ships pull into port and take a stroll by the picturesque lighthouse. The scenic drive along the shore of Lake Superior, known to the Ojibwe as Gichi-Gami, meaning “great sea,” offers breathtaking views of the world’s largest freshwater lake. We then hike to Gooseberry Falls, where the autumn colors make the experience even more magical. Our adventure continues to the iconic Split Rock Lighthouse, one of Minnesota’s most photographed landmarks. As the day winds down, we head to Ely and check into the cozy Ely Grand Lodge. After a delightful and easy dinner at the hotel, we cap off the night with stargazing under the clear, dark skies of the Boundary Waters, the largest dark sky sanctuary in the world. Optional: enjoy a glass of wine as you marvel at the stars.


  • Grab-and-Go Breakfast and Departure to Duluth, MN: Start your day with a quick breakfast before hitting the road to explore Duluth’s vibrant waterfront and historic sites.
  • Lunch in Canal Park: Enjoy a meal while watching ships navigate the busy port, and take a leisurely walk to the nearby lighthouse for stunning views.
  • Scenic Drive Along Lake Superior: Travel along the picturesque North Shore, with Lake Superior’s vast expanse and rugged coastline providing a spectacular backdrop.
  • Gooseberry Falls Hike: Take a short hike through the beautiful Gooseberry Falls State Park, where the autumn foliage adds a burst of color to the cascading waterfalls.
  • Visit to Split Rock Lighthouse: Explore this famous lighthouse, perched on a dramatic cliff, and learn about its rich history and role in guiding ships safely along the treacherous Lake Superior shoreline.
  • Check-in at Ely Grand Lodge: Settle into the comfortable and welcoming Ely Grand Lodge, your home base for the night.
  • Easy Dinner at the Hotel: After a day full of adventures, enjoy a relaxed dinner at the hotel.
  • Stargazing in the Boundary Waters: End the day with a mesmerizing stargazing session under the pristine night sky of the Boundary Waters, optionally with a glass of wine in hand, marveling at the celestial wonders above. 
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skagit valley tulip
skagit valley tulip

Day Three: International Wolf  Center, Small Mining Town History and Fall Color Pontoon Adventure

Begin your day with a peaceful coffee walk around Miners Lake, enjoying the serene beauty of the path that encircles the lake right outside the lodge. Afterward, join your group for a hearty breakfast at the charming Northern Lights Coffeehouse. The day’s exploration kicks off with a visit to the Ely-Winton History Museum and the International Wolf Center, where you’ll dive into the rich mining history of the area and learn fascinating facts about wolves and their ecosystems. Stroll down Ely’s Main Street for some delightful small-town shopping, or spend extra time at the Wolf Center. The adventure continues as you hop aboard two pontoon boats to navigate the stunning islands of Shagawa Lake, adorned with vibrant fall colors and teeming with wildlife. Refreshments and snacks will be served onboard as you enjoy a short hike on one of the islands. The day concludes with a delicious dinner at the Ely Steak House, famous for its Bucky Burger. Optional star gazing drive after dinner to marvel at the night sky.


  • Early Risers Coffee Walk Around Miners Lake: Enjoy a serene morning walk around Miners Lake, a scenic path perfect for taking in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.
  • Group Breakfast at Northern Lights Coffeehouse: Start your day with a delicious breakfast at this cozy local spot, known for its welcoming atmosphere and great coffee.
  • History Museum and The International Wolf Center: Visit the Ely-Winton History Museum to learn about the town’s mining heritage, and explore the International Wolf Center to gain insights into wolf behavior and conservation.
  • Explore Main Street: Discover the charm of Ely’s Main Street, filled with unique shops and local treasures, or spend extra time at the Wolf Center for more educational fun.
  • Pontoon Adventure on Shagawa Lake: Embark on a scenic pontoon ride to explore the picturesque islands of Shagawa Lake, highlighted by stunning fall foliage and abundant wildlife. Enjoy refreshments and snacks as you take in the sights.
  • Dinner at the Ely Steak House: End your day with a mouthwatering meal at the Ely Steak House, home to the famous Bucky Burger, offering a taste of local flavor and hospitality.
  • Optional Stargazing Drive After Dinner: Conclude the evening with an optional drive to a prime stargazing location, where you can relax and gaze at the breathtaking night sky.


skagit valley tulip
skagit valley tulip
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Day Four:  Paddle in the Boundary Waters, Rootbeer and Waterfalls

Start your day with an optional serene walk around Miners Lake, followed by a hearty breakfast at the hotel. Visit the Dorothy Molter Museum to learn about “The Root Beer Lady” and taste her famous brew. Then, embark on a colorful fall hike to a stunning waterfall. For those seeking adventure, enjoy an easy, beginner-friendly paddle in the Boundary Waters National Park, leading to a delightful picnic on Mile Island. Conclude the day with a delicious dinner at Insula, a local favorite, and optionally, stargaze under the pristine Boundary Waters skies.


  • Miners Lake Walk (Optional): Enjoy a peaceful morning stroll around the scenic lake.
  • Breakfast at the Hotel: Start the day with a delicious meal.
  • Dorothy Molter Museum: Discover the legacy of “The Root Beer Lady” and sample her root beer.
  • Fall Color Lake Waterfall Hike: Hike to a beautiful waterfall surrounded by vibrant fall foliage.
  • Boundary Waters Paddle (Optional): Experience a serene paddle through the pristine waters.
  • Picnic on Mile Island: Enjoy a picnic amidst the natural beauty of the Boundary Waters.
  • Dinner at Insula: Savor a meal at a popular local restaurant.
  • Night Stargazing (Optional): End the day with stargazing under the clear skies.


skagit valley tulip
skagit valley tulip
skagit valley tulip

Day Five: Stuffed Hashbrowns and Prospector Loop in Fall Colors

Start the day with an optional early morning coffee walk, then head to Stony Ridge Cafe for a later breakfast, featuring their famous stuffed hashbrowns. The day’s adventure kicks off with an exhilarating ATV ride through Ely’s extensive Prospector Loop Trail System, which boasts 250 miles of trails. Enjoy a picnic lunch along the trail, surrounded by vibrant fall colors. Return to the hotel for an easy dinner, followed by a relaxing evening poolside, where you can unwind in the hot tub and sauna. End the night with optional stargazing.


  • Early Riser Coffee Walk (Optional): Start your day with a peaceful walk, taking in the fresh morning air.
  • Breakfast at Stony Ridge Cafe: Savor the famous stuffed hashbrowns at this beloved local eatery.
  • ATV Adventure Day: Explore 250 miles of trails through the Prospector Loop Trail System, offering breathtaking views of fall foliage.
  • Picnic Lunch on the Trail: Enjoy a delicious picnic amidst the stunning autumn landscape.
  • Easy Dinner at the Hotel: Relax with a casual dinner back at the hotel.
  • Relaxing Night Poolside: Unwind with a dip in the hot tub and a soothing sauna session.
  • Stargazing (Optional): Cap off the night with a peaceful stargazing session under the clear Boundary Waters skies. 
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skagit valley tulip
skagit valley tulip

Day Six: Mines and Hi-Hats Road Trip

On the last morning, join the early riser coffee walkers for a final serene stroll around Miners Lake. After a leisurely group breakfast at the hotel, we load up for our road trip back to the Mall of America. Our first stop is the North American Bear Center, where we’ll learn fascinating facts about black bears. Next, we head to the Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park for an exciting underground mine tour. For lunch, we’ll savor classic American fare at Gordy’s Hi-Hat, a beloved roadside diner since 1960. Finally, we arrive back at the Radisson Blu at the Mall of America. Enjoy dinner on your own, explore the mall with new friends, or relax poolside.


  • Early Riser Coffee Walk (Optional): Enjoy a final peaceful walk around the scenic Miners Lake.
  • Group Breakfast at the Hotel: Start the day with a hearty meal together.
  • Road Trip Adventure: Embark on a fun-filled road trip back to the Mall of America.
  • North American Bear Center: Discover interesting facts and see live black bears up close.
  • Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park: Take an exciting tour of Minnesota’s first iron ore mine.
  • Lunch at Gordy’s Hi-Hat: Enjoy a classic meal at this iconic diner, a staple since 1960.
  • Arrival at Radisson Blu at MOA: Settle in at the hotel, with options to dine, explore the mall, or relax by the pool.

 Day Seven:  Last minute MOA and Ikea exploring 

As the sun rises on the final day of our adventure, new friends gather for one last exploration of the Mall of America and IKEA. With breakfast on your own, everyone has the freedom to grab a coffee or a bite at their favorite spot within the mall. The morning is filled with laughter and last-minute shopping, finding those perfect souvenirs to remember the trip by. As the time to depart approaches, our hosts are at the hotel, ensuring everyone gets loaded up and ready for their journey back to the airport. The lobby buzzes with farewells, hugs, and promises to stay in touch. With hearts full of memories and the excitement of new friendships, we say our final goodbyes, looking forward to the day we meet again.


  • Last-Minute Exploring at MOA and IKEA: Take advantage of the final hours to explore the vast Mall of America and pick up any last-minute items at IKEA.
  • Breakfast on Your Own: Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your own pace, with numerous options available within the mall.
  • Hosts Assist with Departure: Our dedicated hosts are on hand to help everyone get loaded up and ready for the trip back to the airport.
  • Final Goodbyes: Share heartfelt farewells with new friends, marking the end of an unforgettable adventure and the beginning of lifelong connections.


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