Help the Great State of Texas with it’s Feral Hog Population!

Texas Helicopter Hog Hunting

Helicopter Hog HuntingHelicopter Hog Hunting is the only year-round feral hog hunting business in the U.S.  We offer a full-time staff, helicopters and 2.5 million acres of West Texas helicopter hog hunting land to choose from.

Wild hogs are among the most destructive invasive species in the United States today. Two to six million of the animals are wreaking havoc in at least 39 states and four Canadian provinces; half are in Texas, where they do an estimated $400 million in damages annually.

There are now an estimated 2.6 million hogs in Texas, more than anywhere else in the United States. Their foraging causes millions in annual agricultural damage. ​


Our Texas ranch has 8 full time helicopters available to choose from.  This allows us to handle both small and large groups for private and/or corporate events.

We have 3 different types of helicopters:

R44 Raven II

Four-seat R44 Raven II helicopters are high performing, reliable and easy to maintain. R44s have a two-bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic and the latest in Robinson technology including streamlined instrument panels and crashworthy bladder fuel tanks.

The R44’s aerodynamic fuselage optimizes airspeed and fuel economy. Hydraulic controls eliminate feedback forces and provide responsive handling. A low tail-rotor tip speed, newly designed muffler and large cambered tail reduce flyover noise.  Maximum total hunter weight 430 lbs, flying 2 hunters per flight.  (not one hunter over 300 pounds)

*over 430lbs combined double occupancy weight will incur a turbine or single occupancy up-charge

R66 Turbine

The Robinson R66 is a helicopter designed and built by Robinson Helicopter Company. It has five seats, a separate cargo compartment and is powered by a Rolls-Royce RR300 turboshaft engine. The R66 is slightly faster and smoother than the Robinson R44 from which it is derived.  Maximum total hunter weight is 600 lbs, flying 2 hunters per flight.  (not one hunter over 300 pounds)

Corporate Events

Any event sponsored by a company that targets its employees or clients can be called a corporate event. Unlike most traditional corporate events, we offer a weekend event unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

The goal of most corporate events is to build trust, teamwork, recognize achievements and build tight connections with new or loyal clients. Imagine the shared experience and the bonds that can be built when you combine your dedicated team of professionals with ours!


We have a full-time staff of trained professionals that include experienced pilots, marksmen, guides and our own personal chef.  We never mix groups, so you don’t have to worry about anyone interrupting your time here. This will give you the time you need to have that one on one time as well as group bonding.

  • Custom cooked meals all day
  • Aerial Target Practice – COMING SOON
  • Rifle and Pistol Range
  • ATV Tours & Hunting
  • Bow Hunting
  • Hog deprecation
  • Sports Bar
  • Fire pits
  • Trap & Skeet
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Handguns
  • No neighbors
  • No interruptions
  • 24/7 staff on site
  • OH…and there is a private meeting room that you can use when you want to go over the numbers.

There is no better way to build a long-lasting bond with your team than taking them to our 2.5 million acres of hunting land.  Forget the hotel retreat with continental breakfast, grueling conference room meetings and site seeing activities.  This is the one place where you can eat, meet and literally shoot the shit…out of some feral hogs.


Your standard corporate event planner may have some pre-planned games or activities in place. We actually don’t have any set corporate meeting games.  Take the meeting notes and use them to start a fire in the fire pit, then head over to the rifle range and pop off a few rounds to warm up before the hunt.


  • Helicopter adrenaline
  • Luxury accommodations with Texas Style Cuisine
  • Free Ranging hogs on over 2.5 million acres in West Texas
  • 3 different models of helicopters to choose from – R44 Raven, R66 Turbine & MD500C


5:30 am Light Breakfast

6:00 am Helicopter Hog Hunting

Noon Onsite Field Lunch

1:00 – 5:00 pm Helicopter Hog Hunting

6:00 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Socialize

heli pig hunting


Year Round Helicopter Hog Hunts Available


Day rate: $2275 per hunter (double occupancy)


$350/night (double occupancy)

1 day/2 nights  (double occupancy)- $2975

*Upgrade to Single Occupancy – $75/night

*Over 430lbs combined double occupancy weight will incur a turbine or single occupancy up-charge

  • Airport transfers both ways from San Angelo
  • 40-foot motor coach brings you to the hunting location and serves as a lodge in field (lunch, drinks, bathroom, satellite TV, WIFI and socializing)
  • Lodging (double occupancy) and 3 meals a day with an onsite Private Chef (non-alcoholic beverages included)
  • Safety and Shooting Ranch Training (learn to clear the gun in flight)
  • Exotics Ranch Tour on Side by Side ATV’s with guide
  • Access to trap, skeet, 5-stand and 1600-yd long rifle range
  • Sports bars and fire pit

*over 430lbs combined double occupancy weight will incur a turbine or single occupancy up-charge

  • Airfare
  • Gratuities
  • License
  • Alcohol not provided – will stop at liquor store in-route to lodge
  • Axis Deer – Estate                           $3500
  • Aoudad Sheep – Estate                  $5500
  • Blackbuck Antelope                         $3500
  • Gemsbok Oryx                                 $7500
  • Scimitar Horned Oryx                      $4500
  • Nilgai                                                $4500
  • Black Hawaiian Sheep                     $2500
  • Corsican Sheep                               $2500
  • Texas Dall Sheep                             $2500
  • Red Sheep                                       $2500
  • Trans Caspian Urial Sheep            $12,000

Predator Hunts:

$1975 per hunter – 2 night hunts/2 nights lodging (double occupancy)

  • Coyote Hunt
  • Bobcat Hunt
  • Fox Hunt
  • Coon Hunt

Additional hour of Helicopter Hunting $895 per hunter (double occupancy)

Additional night Lodging $350/night (double occupancy)

COMING SOON – Helicopter Target Experience – $200 per flight/per person (double occupancy)

*Upgrade to Single Occupancy – $75/night



Our ranch is an elegant combination of ranch decor combined with a rich Texas flair. We have created a warm relaxing environment that all guests will enjoy. We have a custom-built dining hall with a full sports bar. Hunting hogs during the day and hanging out at the sports bar in the evening to watch your favorite teams.

Our Executive Chef serves only the finest meals with attention to detail. Meals are served at our 2000 square foot dining room and pavilion year-round (weather permitting).


Our 5-Star Texas Resort & Spa features 16 luxury cabins & 16 spacious guest rooms, offering private elegance in a serene setting. Each appointed with custom-made furniture, woven textiles & lavish linens that combine rustic elegance with modern luxury.


Chef Patrick Pinkston has a degree from AAS Culinary Arts College and has over 20 years of experience and specializes in procuring and preparing fresh local meats.

Chef Patrick’s ingenuity in the kitchen is stimulated by his belief that food should not be overworked, but rather appreciated for its simplicity and natural perfection. This philosophy is evident in his innovative menus that focus on fresh, local ingredients procured from a network of artisans and farmers.

Food is the epicenter of Chef Patrick’s life – it inspires him every day.

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A 50% deposit per person is required to reserve a space for each person. All deposits are non-refundable and cannot be applied towards final payment when your group size is reduced.


Groups of 2 must be under 430 lbs or will need to upgrade to a R66, individuals cannot weight over 300 lbs.


Axis Deer $3500.00
Aoudad $5500.00
Blackbuck $3500.00
Bongo $35,000.00
Dama Gazelle $9500.00
Fallow Deer $5500.00
Gemsbok Oryx $7500.00
Kudu $19,000.00
Red Stag 300-330” $7500.00
Scimitar Horned Oryx $5500.00
Scimbok Oryx $7500.00
Zebra $7500.00
Afghan Urial Sheep $7500.00
Black Hawaiian Sheep $3500.00
Corsican Sheep $3500.00
Texas Dall Sheep $3500.00
Red Sheep $5500.00
Stumburg Sheep $15,000.00
Trans Caspian Urial Sheep $18,000.00
Markor $25,000.00
Tahr $7500.00

Nilgai $4500.00